Free Training for Veterans and Active Duty Military, LaunchLab Online: Free 10-mission, 20-week Course on Building a Business

Bunker Labs is hosting a 20-week online course for active duty military and veterans to learn how to start a business.  This is a great opportunity to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur.  Applications are open now – first meeting is on June 11, 2018.  Bunker Labs provided an overview of the topics and format of the training.

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How Personal and Business Credit Differ – Four Key Differences

On behalf of SBA, Marco Carbajo the founder of the Business Credit Insiders Circle has written a guide for business owners to maximize their company’s true financing potential through building your small business credit. Through an understanding between the difference between personal and business credit Carbajo has identified four key differences to help businesses establish their own unique credit identity.Read More

NM MSDC Program of the Year

MBDA-Tacoma Business Center Named Public Agency of the Year!

Tacoma, Wash. — The City of Tacoma’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center has been named Public Agency of the Year by the Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (MSDC).
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Patent Pro Bono Program for Independent Inventors and Small Businesses

Inventors and small businesses that meet certain financial thresholds and other criteria may be eligible for free legal assistance in preparing and filing a patent application. The Patent Pro Bono Program is a nationwide network of independently operated regional programs that match volunteer patent professionals with financially under-resourced inventors and small businesses for the purpose of securing patent protection. Each regional program provides services for residents of one or more states.Read More

VIBE Business Plan Competition

VIBE 2018 Business Plan Competition

The Veterans Incubator for Better Entrepreneurship (VIBE) provides an applied training environment that supports military veterans’ entrepreneurial aspirations and promotes their understanding of the modern startup life cycle.  VIBE’s Business Plan Competition is the pinnacle event for the Veterans Incubator for Better Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington Tacoma.

Learn more about the competition and how to enter here.

Find out more about VIBE on their website.

Three Essential Financial Statements for Your Small Business [SBA]

SBA.gov community author, Paul Lester, listed the three essential financial statements a small business must have for successful growth.  Read the full blog and find out how to create these financial statements in the link below.

Accurately tracking financial data is not only critical for running the day-to-day operations of your small business, but it is also essential when seeking funding from lenders or investors to take your business to the next level.

In addition, keeping tabs of your finances can help ensure your products and services are priced right, identify what your margins are, determine your cash flow and make filing taxes easier.Read More

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