Washington MBDA Coronavirus Response & Relief Program

Helping Small Businesses Recover

The Washington MBDA Business Center is here to help small businesses navigate and recover from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Small Businesses

In response to the extraordinary challenges of the coronavirus, Washington MBDA Business Center is offering additional support to small businesses.

Every business is unique, so we will tailor our efforts to your situation.
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CRRP Press Releases:

Dec. 1, 2021 – Regional Program Propels BIPOC-Owned Small Businesses Toward Growth

Continued Acceleration

This program focuses on capacity building and provides opportunities for minority business enterprises (MBEs).  We aim to help MBEs succeed in the Pacific Northwest region by fostering business development, collaboration, and sustaining competitive business models.

Capacity Building: We help MBE clients evaluate and improve their business strengths and sustainability by enhancing their skills, knowledge, and access to tools and equipment. The goal is to help them grow, be more adaptive and responsive, with a model that is scalable, so they can focus on their business mission while at the same time making a profit. A needs assessment will help determine where support is needed in the areas of organizational infrastructure, capacity in management and governance, human talent, technology and finance.

Business Development: The objective is to help clients gain a competitive edge and secure more transactions, growth opportunities and new revenue streams. We help facilitate access to opportunities (commercial; local, state and federal; export), increase profits, and create and retain jobs. We seek to match BIPOC firms early on with the right corporations and/or  project owners with opportunities.

Business Development Services: We will continue to engage with external partners that offer innovative business development services that strengthen an existing ecosystem to maximize opportunities for the MBEs we serve. The goal? Our team, with support from strategic partners, will work to identify BIPOC entities with established revenues of greater than $50,000 per year and connect them to expanded opportunities for additional revenue through innovative business development and capacity building engagements. The MBEs will get access to procurement opportunities with high growth potential to broaden their markets. The first step in this process is an in-depth business assessment to assess potential areas of growth and help create management plans for long-term business sustainability and success.

We are partnering with Non-Profit and Community-Based Organizations

Thanks to the US Department of Commerce, the Washington MBDA Business Center is able to administer the 2021-2022 Coronavirus Response & Relief Program. This year we distributed funding to our partners that show capacity to design and deliver effective “Roadmap to Recovery” programs to underrepresented entrepreneurs within the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities. Our strategic partnerships allow us to serve hundreds of (MBEs), and other small businesses.
Through virtual course offerings and information workshops, our partners teach businesses skills and knowledge to strengthen their infrastructure through covid-19 prevention, preparedness, and responsiveness education, which leads to greater resiliency and profitability.

Our partners focus on safely and rapidly re-opening the economy based on current conditions that adhere to CDC, COVID-19 related regulations, best practices, recommendations and regional safety guidelines for individuals and businesses.

Our 2021-2022 Coronavirus Response & Relief Program (CRRP) Strategic Partners

African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest

Business Impact Northwest

Economic Development Board (EDB) of Pierce County

Fiscal Finesse LLC.

Thurston Economic Development Council (EDC)

Tabor 100

University of Washington Foster School of Business Consulting & Business Development Center

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