Bid Invitation – 23rd and Jackson – New Apartments Construction – Marpac Construction

Marpac Construction invites minority subcontractors to submit a bid proposal for 23rd and Jackson Apartments.

Bid Due: Wednesday, April 17, 2018 — 2:00 PM

Plans are available for viewing online at www.bxwa.com.
Instructions:  Posted Projects > General Contractors > Washington > Marpac > Projects Bidding: 23rd and Jackson > username: marpac Password: jackson

Subcontractor requirements:

  • Bonding not required under $1 million
  • Ability to complete City of Seattle Prevailing Wage paperwork
  • Safety factor less than EMR
  • Insurance minimum $1 million CGL and $1 million umbrella coverage
  • Past relevant experience with similar project

(Post Updated 4/6/18)

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