City of Tacoma – RFB – CTP Primary Sedimentation Tank Concrete Restoration – ES19-0141F

Due Date: July 9, 2019 11:00 AM

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will be held at the TAGRO Visitor Center, Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at Gate 6, 2301 Cleveland Way, Tacoma, WA 98421 at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, July 2, 2019. For safety, all attendees whom wish to take a site visit are required to bring proper PPE. Due to disruptions with daily operations, no additional site visits will be given.

Project Scope: This work includes but is not limited to all associated work and appurtenances necessary including labor, materials, equipment, expert supervision necessary to clean, prepare, resurface, and install a high performance sedimentation tank coating system on one (1) primary sedimentation tank.

Estimate: $557,000 to $680,000

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