City of Tacoma – RFB PF18-0158F – Tacoma Dome Artist Quarters and Office Finish Upgrades

Due Date: 05/15/2018 11 AM

This bid is distributed by the City’s designated plan distributor, ARC Document Solutions, Inc.
Bidding documents for the project are available through ARC Tacoma. Please click here more information.

Project Scope:  Construction of new Artist Quarters (dressing rooms) at the east end of the building principally within an existing interior space currently occupied by a large storage/shop space, break room, concession spaces, restrooms and associated utility spaces. Provide VRF system, DOAS unit, exhaust fans, plumbing fixtures, ductwork and piping for Artists’ Quarters and supporting spaces. Finish improvements, remodel, of the administrative offices on the intermediate level at the west end of the building.

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will be held at the Tacoma Dome, 2727 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421, on Friday, May 4th at 9:00 a.m. Please email Mr. Joe Parris at [email protected] to confirm your attendance.

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