Contracting Opportunities Meet & Greet – Links To Opportunity Streetscape Improvement Project

Learn about the opportunities on the LTO packages, City of Tacoma’s Equity in Contracting requirements, and network with potential partners.
Two Dates:
1. November 30, 10 AM – 11 AM | Zoom Meeting
2. December 15, 10 AM – 11 AM | Zoom Meeting
The Links to Opportunity project will enhance the corridor along Sound Transit’s Hilltop Tacoma LINK extension route to increase accessibility and safety for residents and businesses. The scope of the improvements includes varying sidewalk color and designs, pedestrian lighting, street furniture, wayfinding signage, bicycle facilities, local art, granite inscriptions and poetry, street trees, and landscaping.

This project is divided into five bid packages, including the following scopes: preparation & grading, drainage & storm sewer, paving and traffic, illumination, erosion control & roadside planting, and more.
> Click here for the event flyer and detailed list of scopes.

> Learn more about the project here (Project Webpage).

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