Michels Corporation – Request for Sub-Bids – Wasterwater and Stormwater Large Diameter CIPP Sewer Rehabilitation Project Stacoma Way Trunk and Buckley Gulch – ENV-04022-19 & ENV-03031-11

Due Date: April 1, 2019, 9:00 AM

Sub-Bids Scopes: Traffic Control, Bypass Pumping, Cleaning & Televising of Existing Pipe, Excavation, Clearing & Grubbing, Erosion Control, Landscape Restorations, Property Restorations, Remove & Reset Chain Link Fence, Pavement Marking, Concrete Sidewalk/Curb & Gutter, as well as any applicable items not listed.

Details: All SBE Certified Contractors and Suppliers should contact, IN WRITING, Michelle Nieves via email [email protected] with questions.  All negotiations must be completed prior to 9:00AM PST, 4/1/2019.  Cost evaluation will be based on the lowest responsible quote.  We are an equal opportunity employer.  Please fax quotes along with certification to the attention of Estimator, Sam Zandofsky, or Michelle Nieves at 503-391-8317.


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