Port of Seattle – RFB – North Employee Parking Lot (NEPL) Improvements Phase II Seal Coat and Restriping – SW-0320646

Due Date: July 1, 11 AM
Description: The Work is to rehabilitate asphalt pavement with new asphalt sealer and permanent markings in the south-east corner of the North Employee Parking Lot. Contractor shall furnish all material, labor, equipment and services to install asphalt pavement seal coat and paint “Parking” and “No parking” strips as indicated in the provided Drawings. Contractor must coordinate the work schedule with the Port Operations and Engineer. The Port shall provide and set up temporary construction barricades.
Estimate: $130,000.00 – $178,000.00
Pre-Bid Meeting: A Pre-bid Meeting will be held June 24, 2021, at 9:00 am, via Microsoft Teams Meeting or by telephone.

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