Port of Tacoma – RFQ – On-Call Cost Estimating and Constructability Services 2019 – 071077

Due Date: January 30, 2019 2:00 PM

Scope: The selected firm will provide cost estimating and constructability services for various Port projects. These projects cover a wide variety of types, including but not limited to, site, building, pier, bridge, railroad, utility, dredging, remediation, habitat, and landscaping improvements requiring the use of civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, and environmental engineers, as well as architects. The quantity and duration of projects will depend on the Port’s requirements and needs for these services. Tasks will generally be associated with public works projects, but services may be needed for other types of Port projects, as needed.

Estimate: The Port will select up to two teams and issue contract(s) based upon qualifications received for the services requested. Following successful negotiation of rates and fees, the Port will execute the initial contract(s) in the amounts of up to $300,000; the contract amount may be increased to meet ongoing needs of the Port for the services requested up through the contract period of performance

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