Seattle DOT – RFQ – City of Seattle Traffic and Revenue Analysis Services – 20-022

Due Date: August 27, 2020 2 PM
On March 23, 2020, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) closed the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge due to the discovery of rapidly growing cracks. SDOT is now conducting a cost-benefit analysis to inform whether the bridge should be repaired or replaced, and exploring every possible funding option for this program. SDOT solicits Qualifications from consulting firms or teams that wish to be considered to provide independent traffic and revenues analyses, including an investment-grade traffic and revenue study to explore how much revenue could potentially be raised from tolling for the West Seattle Bridge Program. SDOT has not decided to enact tolling and is conducting this study to better understand the tradeoffs of this potential funding option. This study is also a requirement to pursue other funding options, such as federal TIFIA loans.

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