Sound Transit – SOQ – Bus Base North DBPM Services – AE 0204-19

Due Date: December 11, 2019 5:00 PM

Estimate: $25,000,000.01

Scope: The Bus Base North project will construct a bus base to accommodate up to 120 buses for operation of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service on I-405 and SR 522/NE 145th and ST Express bus service operating in Snohomish County/East King. A mix of 80 BRT buses and 40 ST Express buses is under consideration for the fleet size. The BRT Bus Base North project will include development of approximately 12.5 Acres, and ROW improvements. Project completion is planned for 4th Qtr. 2023. The facility will be used for acceptance of the BRT bus fleet and preparation for BRT service initiation in mid-2024.

Key elements of the Bus Base North project include:
– Approximately 66,000 sqft. Bus Maintenance facility
– Hardstand parking for up to 120 buses
– Fuel and wash facilities for the buses
– Parking for non-revenue vehicles and staff
– Related Right of Way improvements (sidewalk and street improvement)

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